A 5,000 year old Indian system of medicine or life science (Ayur “ life”  Veda “knowledge”) for body, mind and spirit, which is said to have been handed down from the Gods to bring into balance the 3 doshas or bodily bio-elements, by using natural herbs and oils in special treatments and by paying attention to diet and lifestyle. 

Marma Therapy with Vishnu   more than just a massage

Full body 60mins  Rs2,000

Head and full body 90 mins  Rs3,000

A deep ancient bodywork practice from as early as 1500BC used initially for bringing warriors back to good health after battle. Marmas are the meeting points of the five organic principles (ligaments, vessels, muscles, bones &  joints) they are stimulated to adjust their energy flow, rebalancing the main systems of the physical and energetic bodies. Stress, toxins and negative emotions take up residence in the marmas, which like switches, when opened up allow for an increased flow of energy thus eliminating toxins. They are points of concentrated energy governing the energetic interchange between the physical and subtle body “life force”, deeply relaxing the body and rejuvenating muscle and skin tissue.

Vishnu “uncle” has been with us since we opened in 2003. Originally from Mysore, he learned the ancient art of ayurvedic Marma Therapy Massage from his guru in pune over 30 years ago. We have seen many miraculous recoveries over the years from severe conditions such as chronic pain, immobility and paralysis. He is highly intuitive, tuning into his vedic chants whilst be becomes an instrument for healing, not seeing himself as the doer. He comes highly recommended and is available for personal consultations on request.

Ayurvedic Consultation with Dr Siddhesh Bandekar

Initial Consultation 30 mins   Rs1,800

Pulse reading full body scan, dosha assessment, lifestyle and dietary advice. Follow up treatments and medicines as necessary.

5 Day Detox & Rejuvenation  

Consultation and follow up. 1.5 hours treatments per day  Rs12,500

Pulse reading full body scan, dosha assessment, lifestyle and dietary advice. Treatment regimen is dependent on patient’s dosha, history and disposition. Includes massage, cleansing and therapies from the list below.

Closing consultation, diet plan and lifestyle advice.

14 Day Panchakarma

All consultations, medicines, enemas  1.5 hours treatments per day  Rs42,000

After the initial consultation, Panchakarma is divided into 2 phases :

Full Detox (7 days) which consists of daily consumption of special ghee according to body type and health issues, dose and timing as per physicians advice, followed by 1.5 hours treatments for 5 days. 6th day is only treatments and medicated enema. 7th day will be flush day where special enema and other medicines are given so that all the toxins are eliminated and patients body is clean, ready for rejuvenation.

Rejuvenation (7days) to give strength to the body, immunity, blood circulation, sense organs,muscular system etc. Medicine and treatments for 1.5 hours everyday.

Closing consultation, diet plan and lifestyle advice.

Treatments include

Marma Therapy with Vishnu (60 mins)

Shirodhara (45 mins) involves gently pouring medicated oils over the forehead to have a profound impact on the nervous system, immediately relaxing and calming the mind and nerves.

Elakizhi/Podikizhi (45 mins) Boluses made with medicated powders heated in warm oil are massaged into the body. Used to remove pain with swelling, it is especially useful in Arthritis complaints with numbness and frozen shoulder.

Udvartana (60 mins) Herbal paste is rubbed over the skin to exfoliate and rejuvenate, improving skin texture, complexion, glow and tone.

Abhayangam (45 mins) Medicated oils are applied to the body by a traditional series of strokes to increase circulation and activate the body.

Tarpanam (30 mins) Special treatment for the eyes done by using ghee. It is helpful for eye disorders, relaxation of the eyes and is said to increase eyesight.

Stanik Basti/Kati/Janu/Manya (30 mins) For localised pain. Warm medicated oil is kept over the affected area with a herbal paste boundary, decreasing the pain and promoting a feeling of tranquility.

Nasyam (30 mins) Administration of herbal drops in nasal passages. Helpful in sinusitis, cervical spondylosis, headaches and other conditions.

Body Scrub (45 mins) Natural herbal body scrub deep cleans the skin and improves body circulation.

Reflexology Hand and Feet (45 mins) Pressure is applied on hands and feet at points which correspond to various body parts, with the intention of eliminating blockages which produce pain or disease, bringing the body back into balance.

Ayurvedic Marma Therapy Massage Training

7 to 10 days  Rs25,000

This comprehensive course covers the theory and practice of Ayurvedic Marma Therapy Massage. Students gain first hand experience by practising on each other with clear guidance and instruction during a series of 90 minute lessons over 7 to 10 days. Theoretic topics covered are: the History of Ayurveda – an overview of Ayurvedic Medicine – The Vedas & secondary Vedas – The 5 Elements and the 3 Gunas – The connection between Doshas, Chakras, Nadis and Marma points along with their respective functions.