YogaMagic invites applications from individuals with appropriate experience to share interested in karma yoga or seva, the selfless service of giving without expectation or attachment to the fruits of action. We are interested to hear from those who are skilled in hotel or restaurant management, alternative building & power technology, engineering, organic gardening, landscaping or other areas which may be beneficial.

Volunteers seeking solely manual or labouring roles are not required, rather we encourage applicants who bring knowledge, experience & skills to pass on by mentoring and training our indian team. Positions are available for a minimum of two months, preferably longer, in order to understand the culture of india and YogaMagic, to integrate with the local staff and management team, see through commenced projects and have enough time to develop their own personal spiritual journey.

Volunteers are expected to become immersed in the YogaMagic lifestyle, taking part in daily morning meditation and yoga asana practice when duties allow, joining the communal table for wholesome vegetarian meals, while remaining always mindful that the positive experience of guests is, beyond all others, the primary motivation in our work.

Please contact us with full details of your experience, availability, and how you believe you can contribute to the aims and ethos of YogaMagic.

We provide simple hut accommodation in a gorgeous field, all food, yoga etc in return for enthusiasm, commitment & hard work (at least 5 hours a day).