Transformative yoga holidays.

New to yoga or deepening your practice our experienced teachers guide and inspire your personal yoga journey through daily meditation, cleansing kriyas, gentle pranayama and vitality boosting yoga asana classes.


07:00    Silent Meditation
07:45    Chai/Garden Teas by the fire or delivered to your veranda
08:30    Kriya, Yoga, Pranayama
10:30     Breakfast
12:30     Meditation and Pranayama
14:00     Lunch
15:00     Cooking Class (wed, fri, sun)
16:30     Yoga ( mon, tues, thus, fri, sat)
19:00     Dinner
20:00     Evening teas around the fire


In the heart of the retreat: a cool space under almond and jasmine trees is sculpted into the earth and covered by a spectacular bamboo & palm leaf roof, with a mud and cow dung floor as the great Yogis prescribe, providing the perfect setting for deep meditation to the sounds of nature.

Suitable for beginners or experienced practitioners, we start by finding a comfortable seating position and then simply sit in silence, following our breath and observing our thoughts. Meditation is not something which can be taught or learned, nor even something which we can actually “do”. Meditation is what happens when we stop the “doing”. A truly magical experience.

After 45 minutes, a singing bowl rings and we gradually move to sit around the fire (dhuni) opposite to drink chai or garden teas .. usually in silence, however sometimes quiet yoga or meditation discussion (satsang) arrises.

Over the water creek into the fields beyond amongst our vegetable gardens, a majestic thatch roof covers a very spacious mud floor shala with stunning sunrise and sunset views. The light breezy space has distant views over the fields to the hills beyond with confident peacocks roaming through vegetable gardens who very occasionally give us a full show.


We begin with Jal Neti, a cleansing Kriya where warm salt water is gently poured into one nostril and flows out of the other, to remove all congestion and toxins from the airways. A refreshing and invigorating start to the day.

Mornings are deep re-vitalising Hatha slow-flow journeys. Breath centred . . . cultivating presence, fluidity and strength woven together with ancient purifying and cleansing Yogic practices to release energy blocks, alleviating stress, dis-ease and mental tensions with Pranayama, Mudras, and Meditation.

The physical body and the breath work together to become a conduit for inspired potential . . . The Ultimate Seat of a Yogi.
Lunchtime meditation with calming Pranayama followed by wall supported Viprita Karani.
Afternoon Yoga is slow and grounded, unlocking habitual physical patterns, gaining a deeper understanding of alignment principles followed by relaxing restorative. On Saturday afternoons a nourishing Yin practice is supported by Reiki healing.
On request, private lessons and Hormone Yoga Therapy workshops.

Retreat Hire for Groups

9 rooms at maximum 3 per room : 18-27 students plus a teacher’s hut.

Two Yoga Shalas: Meditation Space 16.5 x 6 meters carved into the earth. Yoga Space 12 x 12 meters open sides with sunrise & sunset view. Yoga mats, bolsters, cushions, blankets, straps & wooden blocks. Neti pots with salt water, flowers, candles & incense. Puja & Fire Ceremony with a Hindu Priest. Morning & afternoon chai/herbal teas/coffee, breakfast/brunch & dinner, afternoon tea & homemade biscuits, filtered drinking water.